Serbian girl to British journalists: Address Novak Djokovic with proper respect


BELGRADE – A girl named Ivona Vasic sent a message to British journalists who in recent days strongly criticized Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic.

In previous months some journalists, especially the British, often strongly criticized Novak.

On social networks appeared a footage of a girl Ivona, who will soon turn 10 years.

“This way, I want to address you sir journalist and all of you who think the same as him. My name is Ivona Vasic and in a month I will turn 10 years. I come from a small, but sports country of Serbia. You, as an educated man, should know how hard it is to be number one in anything in the world. Therefore, I hereby ask you that the next time you address Novak you do it with respect and professionalism. As you
would address your queen, because he is a knight. Why a knight? Because tennis is a knight game,” said Ivona for Hotsport.